HR Consulting

What is HR? HR stands for human resources. It covers everything related to employees and to their activity during the operation of a company. HR gives tools for the selection, motivation, retaining and developing of associates who work for the realization of the strategic goals of the company. By using the proper HR strategy we can increase the productivity of the company if we well manage the most costy and most importan factor of a company: the man. HR Advise Kft can be your and your company’s trusted partner in it.

By this service we can design the comprehensive HR strategy of your company. We also can followup the realization if required. We can provide some elements of the system independently, eg:

  • recruitment-selection process,

  • organizational stucture,

  • incentive system,

  • salary/wage structure,

  • training plan,

  • appraisal system.

HR consulting service is provided for specific fee, hourly or monthly, based on individual agreement after consulting on the demand. Surveying the demand and preparing an offer is free of charge.