HR Advise Kft. is a100% Hungarian company established in 2009. We concentrate 10 years experience in our enterprise from the field of corporate HR and HR services. We provide high quality, professional and accountable HR services for our Partners.
Besides the traditional tools and methods we prefer to use new ideas, technologies and knowledge. We create value. We show our values during the daily work and while making our dreams happen. We dream a Specialist Company in this region and nationwide where Partners enjoy our attention and like working with us. Where we create values together.
Our principles are the followings:

  • Respect towards clients, regardless of the fact if it is a private person or a multinational company.
  • Efficiency: We satisfy our partners by completing the agreed tasks. We undertake tasks for which we have time, competency and resources.
  • Accountability: Results provided in time and according to the agreed specifications.
  • Creativity: It is essential in HR projects to solve special issues in special ways.
  • Clear communication: otherwise we just make troubles.
  • Development: to learn how to provide the most useful information. Thus the HR awareness can grow in our environment the same way as HR Advise Kft.
  • Can not miss humour: A slogan from Éva Ancsel: „Humour is the ventilation window of the mind.” Clear thoughts require fresh air.

2009 december.

Zoltán Szabó